Adventure awaits…

After a year of planning and training for BCBR, I packed up the car and traveled out of town.

The last few days have been spent making sure that I had all the right gear. then, organizing and packing it up. Making sure that I had a fresh pair of socks and the right chamois for each stage was a challenge. But not to worry, I eventually nailed it.  

no use doing something half way…
 Once I was off…I didn’t get that far, but I cleared LA on a Friday proceeding a holiday. It’s not for the feint of heart. Stopping in Bakersfield found me trying to spin my legs out in a gym that displayed the outdoor temperature. *sigh* 

And today found me in Medford, Oregon. I was tired of sitting in the car… and although I could have pushed it and made it to Eugene, I choose to spin out my legs. What a treat!!  I’m so glad that I got outside. It instantly changed my mood and let me shrug off many miles of driving.  

I even got to say “hi” to the locals driving out from the trail… 


What are your thoughts?

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