BCBR – Day -1

We made it!  Canada! And nervously anticipating the adventure ahead. 

After the long travel up from San Diego, bikes hitched to the back of the car, we crossed the border and checked into the Holiday Inn North Vancouver. I learned a long time ago, that although staying in a non-race/event hotel can save in cost… you pay in time, logistics and effort. 

 Here’s the skinny on the location:

  • Food on site = Pub and pantry.  The normal traveler’s food with portions that are way too big and a bit limited in healthy options. But better than starving!
  • Parking. Since I drove up, I had the hurdle of solving where to park my car for the week of racing. Not to fear, the holiday inn people had me covered and after emailing with the events coordinator, we got a pass to park the car while we were on The trail. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ 
  • Pizza by the slice is right across the street. Super nice when you don’t want a full meal. Next to the pizza place, there’s a small market that has basics. 
  • Walking distance to registration. ‘Nuff said. 

  Another thing we did was signed ourselves up for a 3-hour “get to know the North Shore” skills session with local bike shop: Endless Biking. My fitness is great… I’m always nervous about my skills. 

It was totally worth the fee. We pedaled around, got to see some Techincal, rocky up hills and some really fun downhills… and in the end, nothing that was insurmountable. Yes, there will be days that I will want to throw my bike down the mountain… but there’s some awfully insanely fun sections to be had!

Better yet, we got to meet a few of our fellow riders. One had done the race a few years ago and came back for more… the rest of us didn’t know what to expect. 

Upon check in, EJ has been on the constant lookout for his “tribe.”  In his eyes, There’s the spandex clad pros, the ultra fit ametures, the “Bring it on” types who strive for fun/doing well…. and then, there’s his tribe.  The ones that are excited to embark on the adventure AND know that they’ll be hanging on with bared knuckles. He found a few of his tribe today. ๐Ÿ˜€

Tomorrow is registration day. Tonight, I’ll be seeing a friend that I haven’t seen in 20+ years. So much good stuff! 


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