BCBR – Registration and jitters

After traveling up the west coast with our bikes, arriving in Vancouver Canada…we’ve finally registered for the BC Bike Race!

We’re still getting used to the fact that there’s daylight from 5.15am to 9.20pm, so I woke up early again today. During breakfast, we noticed that there were more languages and larger groups in the dining hall. The excitement is certainly ramping up!

EJ and I were able to keep our legs fresh with a quick little spin. There’s Nothing like a little time on the BMX track and checking out the locals views. 

Afterwards, we headed up to registration. Thankfully, it was just a few minutes walk up the hill from the hotel. We arrived a little early, intent on people watching… but found that it was just as good to go ahead and get checked in. 

After leaving our bikes outside and signing our lives away, we got our racer packets, red roller bags, mini bags and swag. Yes, the swag is nice.  😀 Not only is the red roller a great swag gift, but there was plenty of other good stuff. Sunglasses, lululemon jacket, buffs… and then critical stuff like elevation stickers and the race week’s schedule. The logistics team for the BCBR have their stuff together!

Now we’re packed, resting our legs and trying to keep the jitters at bay. 

What are your thoughts?

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