BCBR3 – Earls Cove to Sechelt

July 9, 2017.  There was a few days in the 7 day BC Bike Race line up that was dreading… and this was one of them.

Today’s line up would really test me, not only from a “hey, you’ve already put in some serious saddle time for the last 2 days” standpoint – but because it was one of the longer days in terms of distance and climbing.

After spending another night in fabulous Powell River, we were all traveled again across the waters.  Some by floater plane, some by water taxi, some by ferry.  We were fortunate to be in the earlier breakfast group – so got the water taxi, which gave us a speedy view of the area and an extra hour or so to prep prior to race start at 11am.

This was also the first day that I needed my saddle sores attended to.  *sigh*  Nothing spells adventure like chaffing…  Yes, there I was bent over with my rear in the air having some lady patching up sores on my ass.  I’m grateful that they weren’t in other places… and after today, she was quickly renamed from ‘that lady’ to ‘my Goddess of mercy’.  Nuff said.

As expected, the race started off with a climb.  And… there was a lot of climbing to be done on this day.  Load of fire road climbs.  Hike a bike climbs.  Ugly “I hate everyone around me” climbs.

Yes, that’s a bunch of people pushing their bikes up a nasty climb 😦

The good parts?   Some SWEET downhill on Lookout Trail.  This was a lot like Southern California riding – fast, dusty and just plain fun.  I vaguely remember a good downhill near the end… but honestly, was so tired that I don’t have a good recollection of it.

I was just happy to finish this day.

From the feature trail “Frogger”, a real endless uphill…

We got to the campsite for the night, I mustered through getting my bike and myself cleaned up, more post-race food and dinner… and slept.  Today, I couldn’t be bothered with yoga or a massage.  Tomorrow was going to be along long day and all I could think about was how to get rested and more calories in me.


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