BCBR4 -Sechelt to Langdale

July 10.  I’ll admit that the 4th stage of the BC Bike Race is a bit of a blur because I was still tired and attempting to refuel from day 3.  The course today was supposed to have less fire road, and it was going to be longer and with more climbing.

fullsizeoutput_1cc9After waking up, we once again dropped our tent and headed off to breakfast.  I understand that people can have particulars about their food, and when eating with hundreds of your closest friends it’s hard to get every allergy and preference right.  But I couldn’t have imagined NOT buying the meal package.  All I had to do was show up and eat.  I never had to search out food, decide “do I want pasta or pizza or a salad?”.  This ‘extra’ was a life saver.

Today was “hump day”… half way through the week.  And I kept repeating that to myself.

The miles kept ticking along and although it was hard, I do remember a wonderful downhill at the end.  Actually, it was about 5 miles of downhill at the end:  Highway 102 to Sidewinder to Sprokids…  I was whooping and grinning ear to ear by the end.  It was fast, a little technical and sweet.  It also helped to know that I was 50% through the week’s race.fullsizeoutput_1cd1

Despite spending adequate time at each aid station, I was hungry most of the day.  I was getting to the point were I couldn’t shove enough calories to make up for the last few days and to keep myself fueled for the day.

My coach was trying to keep up my spirits by texting me jokes.  As with any joke, it’s based on sad truth:

  • Q:  What’s more competitive than a BCBR Stage race?
  • A:  The race to the front of the food line on the ferry after the stage is over.

The next day was promising to be shorter, but SUPER technical.  The famed North Shore in Vancouver.

(sorry – I was just too tired to take good pictures this day!)

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