In Need of a little Stoke

We all love it, regardless of sport… when we get a little Stoked.

I really first learned about “being Stoked” when I took up surfing.  After sessions where I would get pummeled by waves, held up just a little too long and wipe out more than necessary… it would come.  No rhyme or reason.  A clear day, perfect waves that were easy to catch and I would ride each one like I owned the ocean.  I was Stoked.

I’ve started to occasionally feel it on the mountain bike now, too.  The bike and I are like one, it’s easy to clear past previously difficult sections or I float to the top of a hill with minimal effort.

A few weeks ago, I felt it again.  I was confident going down a long descent… later that day, Strava told me that I had chopped 15 minutes off my previous 45 minute decent.  Sweeeeet!

But since then, I haven’t felt it.  I guess that’s why I’m always running after it.  And yesterday’s ride was a severe departure from anything fun.  After 2 hours of cranky, painful, uncomfortable riding – I called it quits and headed home.

Today, I’ll gear up and head out to ride with the ladies – hopeful for the best.  Because you can’t let the bad days get you down… and you have to chase after that next excellent day in the saddle!fullsizeoutput_1d80

2 thoughts on “In Need of a little Stoke

  1. Melissa, one of my favorite friends who rides who just happens to be a woman and who also is a FB friend, reminds me of the whole stoked concept. She is hooked. When we ride in a group, she leads mainly because it’s obvious she loves the ride.. it’s not because she is the best rider in the group. I saw a picture of her today riding a banked wood plank turn.. and the look on her face is priceless. I like riding with Melissa because of the pure joy she shows me when we ride together.

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