Autumn Change Up

And not in the way that you’d expect.

Here in Southern California, we’re experience another Santa Ana… where the winds from the desert blow towards the ocean.  Today will be the 3rd day this week that we’re in the 100’sF (38C).  Tomorrow, we finally dip into the 90’sF (32C).  No, my house doesn’t have air conditioning.

Unlike my friends in chilly parts of the world, I’m altering my cycling routine.  I’m sure as hell not mountain biking home after work through an exposed canyon that is reaches 110F (43C)!

The stationary equipment at the gym has been hit a few times and I’m ready to drag out the rollers for winter training.  I’ve considered just taking the days off, but realized that my legs will feel like junk.

I’m also considering Zwift this winter, just because I can see the my work schedule could be nuts… leaving the little daylight that’s available with me locked in an office.

What changes do you make when autumn hits and your riding is forced to change?

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