Lights Out!

’tis the season for charging up the lights, catching the last few rays of the day and listening for coyotes and owls. That’s right! With the reduced daylight, I’m super grateful that high lumen lights are affordable enough to keep me mountain biking outside (as opposed to inside on a trainer… boring!) Bunnies hop along… Read More Lights Out!

Parting Ways

With a bike. He was my first carbon race mountain bike.  He was fast, he rarely broke down and he took a beating when I went past my limits.  His scars are harder to cover up than mine. One of us evolved and started to need new things and the other couldn’t keep up.  I… Read More Parting Ways

Autumn Change Up

And not in the way that you’d expect. Here in Southern California, we’re experience another Santa Ana… where the winds from the desert blow towards the ocean.  Today will be the 3rd day this week that we’re in the 100’sF (38C).  Tomorrow, we finally dip into the 90’sF (32C).  No, my house doesn’t have air… Read More Autumn Change Up