Finding Motivation

Not exactly home...
Not exactly home…

Traveling always puts a kink in my workout plans.  If I get in 30 minutes of ‘something’, I consider it a win.  And I have some strong opinions on hotels gyms.  But without a doubt, I always come back a little worse for the wear and have a REALLY hard time getting motivated and back in the game.  Prime example of this:  Missing my ride on Thursday and eating at the SAME pizza joint both on Thursday and Friday night.  (Hey, it’s by the slice, has craft beer and my dog can join me during dinner… 🙂 )

I did throughly enjoy our night ride on Friday.  As much as I love ‘seeing’ where I’m going – night riding is always a thrill for me.  The trail is quieter with less people and routes that I know like the back of my hand are once again ‘new’.

The plan, along with starting this blog, is to focus on my weekday workouts.  I tend to do just fine for the weekends, and can make up laziness with long rides – but I REALLY need to get consistent and gain strength.  Also during this ‘baseline’ phase, I really need to not be my obsessive self and only bike – so I’m gong to try and mix it up with hiking and strength training.  (My core is horrific… so this will be good).

Already starting to look at races in the spring and want to get my body ready!!

  • Monday: Road ride to work
  • Tuesday: Hotel strength training
  • Wednesday: Hotel elliptical, stationary bike and push-ups
  • Thursday: Back home… nothing
  • Friday: Lazy night ride with EJ

What are your thoughts?

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