Need to overcome weekday laziness

That’s what I need to do.

My week started off pretty good, in terms of riding – but then puttered out quickly.

I’ll have to admit, I’m great at my weekend workouts – but my weekday workouts really suffer.  After work I tend to just ‘punch out’ the workouts.  That was certainly my Tuesday workout… I even begged my husband NOT to do the 500 foot climb just because I was feeling lazy.

I need to figure this out.  If I want get more fit, if I want to be more skilled… slacking on workouts isn’t really going to get me anywhere.  Obviously, either more Red Bull or focus is needed…

On the good note, I did get in a good start to my strength workouts.  I lifted 2x this week and I can tell that I need to up the weight… I’m not even sore.  So back to the above notes, I’m lazy.  (*sigh*… this is disappointing)

Since I was in San Francisco for Halloween this weekend, I didn’t get in any riding or structured workouts – but I did get in a lot of walking and a great hot yoga class.  On a humbling point, but part of accepting reality – I bought a new pair of yoga pants in a size larger than normal.  (Not fun… but better than having my gut muffin seen by all).  I guess everyone has to start somewhere…

Here’s the round up… and I’m looking forward to doing better this coming week (and logging some elevation this week!)

Last Weekend (just catching up):

  • Saturday – 2 hr 26 min – 22 miles – mtb
  • Sunday – 2 hr – 6.8 mi Hike

This Week:

  • Monday – Weights at the gym (40 min)
  • Tuesday – 45 min – 8 miles – mtb Night ride with EJ… super LAZY
  • Wednesday – 1 hr 18 min – 18 miles – road Commuting to work
  • Thursday – Weights
  • Friday – Nothing
  • Saturday – Hot Yoga
  • Sunday – Waling… a lot in SF and San Diego… iPhone tells me 11.12 miles

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