Do these glasses make me look fast?

As recovery is coming along slowly, I’m finding that I need other things besides riding to bring a smile to my face.

img_1589I finally purchased something that I should have bought years ago: prescription sunglasses.

I’ll admit, I don’t always wear my contacts (they don’t seem to get along with hours on the computer)… and my fancy Kate Spade regular glasses are just not made for tearing it up on the dirt. So, I finally caved and got myself a pair of prescription Oakleys.

Will I go faster because of them? Actually maybe…

I find the I can look further down the trail and anticipate which line I want to take. So maybe I WILL go faster by just not crashing or falling… it’s worth a thought.

Anyway, I’m super happy and even though I can’t ride for long right now, I’m on my way to recovery and able to see the path with a different view!


What are your thoughts?

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