Bump in the Night

When I was young, I’d be scared of noises in the night.  No, let’s face it, even well into my adulthood – if I hear something go “bump” in the night – my reaction is to freak out and over think it.

But what happened this week infuriated me.  I got “bumped” not once, but twice on my commute home. Both times waiting for the light to turn green in all my spandex neon and blinky light splendor.

The first time I was bumped by someone’s side mirror as she was turning right.  Honestly, I don’t even think she knew that she made me stumble.  The second time, the guy behind me must have spaced out and let his foot of the brake… rolling right into me.  At least he (and another driver) realized that I was laying on the ground and got out to apologize.

I have to admit that I’m 100x thankful that nothing got broken and I’m still alive.  But I’ve taken my 2x signs from the heavens and I’ll be sticky to the trails – even if it means I have to plan more to get my training in.

Today, it would have been easier to get my tempo pieces in on a road bike… but instead I (kinda) figured it out on the trail.  Not perfect… and it’ll take me some time to get there.

On the other hand, today’s weather was spectacular, my ride pretty awesome – and I remembered why I love mountain biking when I had to carry my bike through a thigh high stream.  🙂  It’s the little things!img_2012

6 thoughts on “Bump in the Night

  1. Somehow, I left a comment for this blog on your January 10 blog! No, it wasn’t me who bumped into you, but I had better watch myself when I get in my car.

    I commuted more than 20 years through the Chicago suburbs, was fortunate that no one even bumped into me. I had several incidents where people tried to harm me, though. Two friends have been in bad accidents, enough that they were awarded signicant settlements in court. One was hit head on by a woman who crossed over the line while taking a turn too fast, hitting him while he was waiting at a light. The other was forced into the curb, hit the curb face first and causing a lot of dental damage.

    Is that a Specialized Camber in the picture?

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    1. It can be just downright scary out there… so I’m giving the road a rest. I’ve rolled over my fair share of hoods – but that was in my 20’s… and a little more quick to recover. 🙂 Not a Camber – but the women’s version (I believe) – the Rumor. Love it – but it’s starting to get to upgrade time… *sigh* Hope your riding is going well!

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      1. It seems ironic to think of riding singletrack being easier on the body than riding the road — but I think the same way!

        Rumor must be the women’s version. It looks identical to my 2014 Camber. I also am at upgrade time, thinking about going with a new bike rather than new components.

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  2. Got swiped by a car mirror when it cut the corner, I was slightly over the white line though. Think I broke a couple of ribs, so was off the bike for a couple of weeks or so. But I accept this as a risk – part of what I do. I am a little mor careful though. Luckily I mainly cycle on back roads without much traffic. Wish there was presumed liability though, might make drivers think a bit more?

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