Good Sleep & Nutrition

fullsizeoutput_1a74You know the saying, “Athletes train 24/7″… as in, you’re not just an athlete when you’re training, it requires discipline in sleep, rest, food, hydration… and it’s time to clean up the non-ride activities. *sigh*

I know that I’ve been ramping up the training, but I’m kinda of tired of my legs feeling like lead.   Which means it’s time to clean things up just to make sure that I’m doing everything that I can to have zippy little legs.

And guess what, two days later…. those first 20 minutes of the ride doesn’t feel like I was pedaling through fire and walking up a flight of stairs doesn’t feel like I’ve got a 40 pound backpack on.

What did I do?  It was a long weekend, so slept more… better hydration during the rides, made sure to eat every 1 hr while pedaling and focus, focus, focus on good nutrition 15-20 minutes after the ride.  fullsizeoutput_1a72

I don’t know about the rest of you – but this is the part that I have the hardest part with.  I have no desire to eat or drink after my workouts.  I may be hungry… but actually swallowing anything is another thing.  So right now, I’m starting small; maybe an avocado, maybe some nuts, a few Girl Scout cookies… just a handful of whatever until I can manage to get my head around before really eating.

Anyone have winners for post ride snacks?

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