Trails: Dry(er), Daylight: Longer!

fullsizeoutput_1ac6Yipee!!!  The rains have stopped (for now) and Day Light Savings is done!

This means super green trails and an extra hour to ride.  Group rides with the guys after work will start soon enough.  And this means hanging out with my favorite friends on and off the trail.

My favorite trails are a little more bumpy than normal, some of them are washed out or just off limits… as there’s a bit of standing water here and there… but overall it’s GREAT.  (Ok, I’ll admit it – I’ve had enough of the road bike and don’t want to get bumped again)IMG_2147

Ok, so I’m not exactly *thrilled* with the extra darkness in the morning… and I’ve now missed 2 morning workouts due to the need for beauty sleep (!cough!).  But I’m convincing myself that it won’t kill my entire training plan.

For now – just focusing on enjoying the ride!

How’s your riding coming along?IMG_2145

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