A good day on the bike.

I’ve not quite bounced back from vacation travel.  This last week, my workouts have been a little more than lack-luster… I’ve still been dreaming about no alarm clock, warm Caribbean water and relaxing at the pool after diving.

Hanging out with the locals…

The workouts got cut short or didn’t quite hit the heart rate thresholds that I’ve targeted.

But this last Sunday, was a GREAT day on the bike.  Now that we’re in the “stage simulation” part of our training in anticipation of BCBR, after a hard Friday/Saturday of training it was wonderful to take the gas off the pedal and just enjoy being on the bike.

We headed about an hour out of San Diego to Mt Laguna for our spin.  We worked on a few skills.  Breathed in the fresh air and green grass… and were thrilled with the level of water in the pond.

It’s rides like this that allow me to fall in love with riding all over again.  ❤

I love the skills trail… 


What are your thoughts?

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