Strava, Challenges and Goals

IMG_4219Yes.  After every workout, I check my Strava account… checking to see if I did better today on a certain segment, what’s my placement, how many miles did I log, etc, etc…

Now that I’m ‘focusing’ on my fitness – shouldn’t I have a goal?  The coach in me tells me that my first goal should be reasonable and attainable.  (It’s usually the smart choice)  And as I’m thinking about the next weeks through the new year – I’m thinking STRENGTH.

Strength in terms of total body strength.  I would love to have the toned arms & abs that I used to have!!  But also in terms of hill climbing on the bike.

Between this weekend and Christmas is about 8 weeks.  Yes, that short enough to ‘focus’ my workouts but not too long that I get lost.  So far, I only have a few days of travel planned where I’ll have to do hotel workouts… and some of those travel days include a fun bike trip to Sedona!  🙂

STRENGTH.  That means at least 2 days of resistance training and loads hills.  I’m undecided if hot yoga counts – I counted 52 push ups during 1 of my classes!!!  Weight training, I can get in (I think… maybe…).  I’ve got access to a great little gym at my office. As for the hills…  I’ll need a goal.

I’ve now signed up for November’s 6,000 meter climb challenge with Strava.  !!!!

In truth, I’m a bit intimidated… that’s almost 20,000 feet of climbing in a month or 5,000 feet per week.  I have a feeling that I should start planning my routes now and not skip any workouts!! (Isn’t that the whole point??)

Have you ever challenged yourself to something you weren’t sure you could accomplish?

Only 300 feet! :-(
Only 300 feet! 😦

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