Sedona Riding

Taking a rest by Cathedral Rock

At a bit of altitude (5000ft) and much more technical than my normal rides – Sedona is the perfect place to push my limits.

In truth, I was really happy when we were sitting around the fire pit, talking to guys from the Vail, CO area who race regularly – and even they admitted that the riding was super technical.  I suddenly didn’t feel like such a ninny.  🙂

We once again, stayed at the Red Agave Resort.  Right next to the trail, pizza by the slice, craft beer, bike shop and coffee right across the street… you can’t beat it.  (Oh, and the awesome view!)

Can’t beat the view from the resort

After revisiting some trails we’ve ridden before, we explore some new trails and immediately got humbled.  I call it the Piggly Wiggly area – but really it’s a combination of Hog Wash, Hog Heaven and Pig Tail….  Needless to say – I’d have to ride those trails often to get used them and get over my fear of death.

Other than that – it was GRAND.

I love all the great drops in the area.  None of it is flowly – and you can’t lose focus (or be too tired and loose focus) or you’re on the ground.  I forgot my knee pads, so I was desperately avoiding that!!

Overall, a good few days day on the bike!!

The view while walking the dog…

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