Training is easier without Work

It’s soooo much easier to get more time in the saddle if I’m not working… funny how that works – but I’m sure I’m not the only one!

This Thanksgiving weekend was perfect for getting saddle time.

EJ and I headed out to Sedona for some great mountain biking.  It’s certainly one of our favorite spots; we’ve now been back 3 times.  The rides are technical and challenging, the atmosphere laid back and the dog is welcome at the resort…

Yes, I commute as much as possible – but squeezing my body into a suit or nice client facing outfit is not always possible to pack into my backpack… and then there’s travel – which KILLS any time on the bike.

So overall I was pretty happy with this last week’s of training – even if I did have to cut a few days short because the 7hr drive to Sedona.

  • Monday:  Commute, 1.17
  • Tuesday: Weights
  • Wednesday: Escondido, 1.02
  • Thursday:  After driving… quick 37minutes before sunset!
  • Friday: 1.30 of huffing and puffing
  • Saturday:  2.08 of humbling trails
  • Sunday:  rest

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