Rainy Days = No Training

Just came back from Paris…


It’s raining here in San Diego, which means no training – no matter how much I want to.

Yes, yes, yes… plenty of you may be able to get out there and train throughout the year.  I love seeing your pictures of riding in the snow.  But it’s been getting <50F in the morning here… which makes it pretty nippy for those of us with thin skin.

Add some rain in there – and it goes from uncomfortable to dangerous.  Southern California drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain (what?  you’d expect people to slow down and turn on there lights!!??  Crazy talk!).  Add that our roads aren’t really made for the rain (I can never tell where the lines are… even with my glasses!)

I’ve added the pressure and signed myself up for the Solvang Century.  I haven’t done 100 miles since my Ironman days… and that was  looooong  time ago.  So, I’ll be looking at at starting a 8 week training program soon… and it’s going to be painful.

And, today, it’s a little boring.  With the rain, it mean time on the gym’s stationary.  BOOOORRRING!

(Thank goodness the rains end on Thursday… hopefully!)

What are your thoughts?

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