After a 7 hours drive from San Diego, we’re here!  Lovely Sedona… where we’ll be riding and hiking (and eating) all weekend. Couldn’t get in a log ride yesterday – but we certainly were able to get in at least a short ride!!  More to come!

Back to Basics

It amazing how getting back to basics can not only improve performance, but open your eyes to some BAD habits. As many of you know, between now and Christmas – it’s all about strength.  So yes, plenty of hills and a few weight training sessions this week (and oodles and oodles of patience).   Overall,… Read More Back to Basics

Getting Stupid

By now, we’ve all seen the studies that tout the benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise.  The one that always catches my eye is the “increased in cognitive function and memory.”  Although I’m no where near the age of testing this theory… I’ll for now believe that it’s true.  All those punchy old women, that walked… Read More Getting Stupid