Well, that bites…

Set-backs.  No one likes them.  We all like to complain about them… but in the end, they still bite.

This last Thursday, I was physically and mentally ready to pack up the car and drive 8hrs out to the NorthEast Corner of Arizona for a race.  I had never ridden the area and was really looking forward to it.  37 miles of mostly flowly single track…  just typing that brings a smile to my face.

Then I get the call, “Yes, we need to move your surgery up to this coming Tuesday.  It’s the only time available with the doctor now.”

I didn’t have many pictures that aren’t ‘happy’ – but thought this 1/2 a woolly mammoth was appropriate!

Poof! Gone are my thoughts of my last 2 weeks of play before I go in… AND I’ve got to wrap work and my house up in 2 days.  A 3 day trip for a race was NOT going to happen.  I’m still tidying items up at work for a ‘indefinite’ return date and doing little things to the house like changing my standing desk to a sitting desk, laundry, pre-making soup, etc.

Needless to say – I’m a little unmotivated to get on the bike the last few days… even though I KNOW that would be the best thing for my stress levels.

The good part is that I have 1 less week of stressing about all the ‘what-if’ scenarios that run through my head with this surgery.  I’m tired of waking up at 3am worried about things I know I can’t control.

So, although stressful to rearrange my life quickly – I’m glad that we’re taking care of this now.  In a few days, I’ll know if it’s 1-2 weeks for recovery or 6-8 weeks…

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