Sedona Riding

This last weekend was another great weekend of mountain bike riding in Sedona.  It’s our annual thanksgiving run up to the area – as it offers awesome views, different terrain and oodles of dog friendly options.

As always, we stayed at the Red Agave Resort.  The resort literally is the start of a great intermediate trail (Slim Shady), has studios & chalets that are dog friendly, has full kitchens, multiple hot tubs… and offers you free smores to cook up over their fire pit.  🙂  I’ll also mention that there’s a great bike shop(s)  and a pizza by the slice joint around the corner.  What a delight!

My goal for this weekend was to disregard time on the bike or miles in the saddle.  All I wanted to do is to focus on my skills and get over my fears.  I’ve been such a ninny riding lately, that it’s really slowing me down and frustrating me.  That’s not where I want my head to be.

And after a little work, I got to my happy spot.

It wasn’t easy.  I did fall a few times… but as I mentioned in my last post – I just sessioned sketchy sections until I cleared the obstacle and was more confident.  Clearly, I’m not a wonderfully expert and technically savvy rider.  Nope – I’m just your average gal trying to have fun… and I really like getting better!!

Where did we ride this time?

We did a bit more exploring in west Sedona – in particular the Chuck Wagon (and extended Mescal/Deadmans trails) and Solider’s Wash area.  Both had great intermediate level trails that left us huffing and puffing.  As always, almost everything is single track and incredibly well marked (you’d REALLY have to try to get lost!).DCIM100GOPROGOPR0167.JPG

Additionally, as always, we hit the ‘local’ trails in the Oak Village area… Llama, Easy Breezy and Templeton are always great trails – although Friday was a bit packed with people.

My personal goal was to ride better on Slim Shady.  When we first started riding here 3 years ago, the trail continuously ruined me.  Now, either I’m a better rider or they really cleaned up the trail.  Yay, me!  (Right now, I’m choosing to think that it’s my mad skills – not that the trail was groomed.)fullsizeoutput_19f0

Now, I can’t forget my regular morning hikes with the dog.  Those are always wonderful.  No one is out on the trail, the air is crisp and the sun bright.  I love those mornings!img_1742img_0075

Did you ride someplace new this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Sedona Riding

  1. I am a bit jealous, although I did get two days over riding in over the weekend. It rained Wednesday and Thursday, so I had to ride the trail system that recovers quickly. Any time on the bike outside, at least in Chicagoland, is a blessing this time of year.

    Have you taken any riding classes or joined a group? Our mountain bike association here has free clinics during the course of the season. I took one class at the beginning of June and my skills improved a great deal after just one clinic. REI also has four hour classes where they supply one of their bikes (a Ghost) and individual time with an instructor.


    1. Ohhhh!!! And I thought this morning’s commute was cold. I can’t even imagine what kind of weather you ride through!! There’s a great skills coach in the area – and I’ve done clinics and 1:1’s. Always fun – a bit humbling but worth the time. I’m always looking at getting better. Because better skills = faster! Good for you for getting out this last weekend. I miss riding is slightly wet trails. So much muddy fun!! 🙂

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      1. It was 37 degrees for both rides, but not muddy. I won’t ride mud, especially after going to trail work days!

        I have so much more room for improvement, but it’s amazing what basic skills like maintaining a neutral position and even one finger braking did fir my performance.


      2. Yikes! That’s cold! Yes… mud is fun but does a number on the trails themselves. Only in certain parts can you ride mud and not wreck the trails. Have fun out there… looking forward to reading about your next adventure. 😀

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  2. Oh I am laughing because I was actually on the Chuckwagon Trail on November 27 and there were numerous bikers. I remarked to my husband how nice it was to see so many young people outside enjoying themselves, and to see that women have taken up mountain biking. I wonder if I saw you?!
    A lovely post. Thank you. All my best to you. 🎄


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