The west coast of the US has been recently slammed by rain (and much needed snow in the mountains).  Good for the environment; bad for training. Most of my training during the week is in the dark.  Booooo.  Stinky gym workouts and cold road riding commutes.  I tell myself that it’ll all pay off when… Read More Windows…


Speed; it’s something we all seek when we’re on our bike.  We train our muscles to push faster on the flats, stronger up hills and to take the ‘hover’ position for miles while we cruise downhill. Another part of being speedy is NOT falling. I’m pretty good at all the other stuff – but falling… Read More Falling

Lofty Goals

I’m already planning and scheming for 2017… all in attempts to reach 1 lofty goal: complete the BC Bike Race.  7 days of mountain bike single track racing in British Columbia. I’ve read some others recap the race; broken hands, twisted roots, slippery rocks.  Not to mention the mileage and elevation gain alone.  (One day… Read More Lofty Goals

Mad Skills

Ok, well not yet… but soon… with practice. This last weekend, I took a mountain bike skills camp up in the Laguna Mountain area.  It was scary, hard and amazing. I’ve always been a strong rider… but let’s face it: I didn’t grow up BMX-ing and sometimes the technical stuff leaves me with scraps and bruises.… Read More Mad Skills