Speed; it’s something we all seek when we’re on our bike.  We train our muscles to push faster on the flats, stronger up hills and to take the ‘hover’ position for miles while we cruise downhill. Another part of being speedy is NOT falling. I’m pretty good at all the other stuff – but falling… Read More Falling

Lofty Goals

I’m already planning and scheming for 2017… all in attempts to reach 1 lofty goal: complete the BC Bike Race.  7 days of mountain bike single track racing in British Columbia. I’ve read some others recap the race; broken hands, twisted roots, slippery rocks.  Not to mention the mileage and elevation gain alone.  (One day… Read More Lofty Goals

Here we go again…

Recovery. It’s necessary and needed… but hopefully this is the last set back.  Surgery done. I’m missing a few bits and pieces, but it was the lesser of the options and I’m thrilled that there was no bowel resection.  Which means an exciting workout is the stationary trainer or a road ride. 😜  Ahhhhh.  One… Read More Here we go again…

Piles of Miles

That what the training schedule called for. And although a pile of miles is MUCH funnier done in a new environment, I just couldn’t do it after being gone for the last two weekends.  So, long local rides are what’s on the menu for this weekend. In reality, I’m looking forward to doing more and… Read More Piles of Miles

Oink! Oink!

In a past lifetime, a coach said to me… “Really… you are a fat kid squeezed into an athletic body!” What he meant is that I have a (slight) obsession with food… and I think about it all the time.  The fattier and more unhealthy, the better.  The good thing is that gone are the… Read More Oink! Oink!